ian alter’s personal response to the North York (Toronto) Van Attack on April 23,2018

Having lived in North York for over fifty years, I felt a personal obligation to respond to the April 23, 2018 van attack on Yonge Street the killed 10 people, and injured another 16. This heinous act permanently and directly changed the lives of 26 families. I am known as painter, an industrial designer and a sculptor, but never a poet. Having written less then a handful of poems in my lifetime I suddenly felt inspired.

We lost ten buds
     that were about to bloom this spring
Our leaves will unfurl
     trying to fill the missing spaces
Our trees firmly rooted
     in the soil that is North York

I engraved the memorial plaque, on painted rough pine boards, and managed to find  the old North York logos from the 1970’s. Then delivered it to the  #TorontoStrongme momorial at Mel Lastman Square for the vigil held on the Sunday following the attack.

About 25,000 people attended in a show of support, love and unity.

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